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Moneynick Primary School, Randalstown

Be Active

Go for a walk or run, cycle, play a game, garden or dance. Exercising makes you feel good. More importantly, discover a physical activity that you enjoy; one that suits your level of mobility and fitness.

Regular physical activity is associated with greater wellbeing and lower rates of anxiety and depression regardless of age. There is evidence that physical activity protects against cognitive decline in later life. There is general consensus that even a single bout of exercise or physical activity of less than ten minutes can improve mood and make people feel better. Activities can also have the benefit of strengthening interactions with other people e.g. when walking.



22nd Jun 2024
Yesterday we moved our feet to the beat. Thank you to Kerr’s Signs for today’s...
20th Jun 2024
Today our Shield winners completed a victory lap of Watty Graham’s Green for...
19th Jun 2024
Congratulations to our pupils past and present who made club history for Erin’s...